Haruo Yaguchi (矢口 春雄) is the main character of High Score Girl.

Appearance Edit

Haruo has medium-long hair reaching the back of his neck, and covering most of his forehead. He usually wears a simple yellow shirt with a single beige stripe running across his chest, it can sometimes be green version, with a yellow stripe instead. He mostly wears jeans. His school uniform consists of a simple black button up jacket.

Haruo is generally considered unattractive throughout his days in school, his appearance generally remaining the same except for his height.

Personality Edit

Haruo is generally considered impolite and has a one-track mind. He usually focuses on video games, and when hes playing he becomes super concentrated, focusing only on the game. His behavior can usually be erratic, and quite rude.

Although Haruo does have a soft side, specially towards people he cares about. He usually shows this side to Oono, comforting her and playing video games with her.

also oblivious about other's feelings toward him. like how Hidaka told him about her feelings. the next day, he told miyao he never knew before hand. he's also unaware of Ono's feeling for him.

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